BizTalk Terminator tool

When we run the Message box viewer or BizTalk health monitoring tool. then we are able to know about Biztalk database health. To clean up from unwanted and unnecessary data of database for better performance and BizTalk health maintenance. Microsoft provides this great tool named BizTalk Terminator tool. To get more information about MessageBoxViewer click on … Continue reading BizTalk Terminator tool


BAM Activity in Custom Pipeline

Sometimes requirement cannot be fulfil by using tracking profile editor for BAM logging. Here in this code I am explaining about how to use BAM in custom pipeline. And also I am using EnableContinuation method so that we can get all the details in single row in BAM table while using different stage of BAM … Continue reading BAM Activity in Custom Pipeline

Message Box Viewer

BizTalk Message Box Viewer (MBV): BizTalk provides Message Box Viewer (MBV) tool out of box to generate report for BizTalk health and performance monitoring activity. It’s collecting details about BizTalk Server, Configuration, database and performance details. MBV analyze in details of BizTalk MsgBox Db but also other BizTalk Dbs and generates an HTML file containing different REPORTS including a "WARNINGS REPORT" … Continue reading Message Box Viewer

WCF-Custom (SQL) Receive Location Configuration with BizTalk in Multi-Server Environment

Issue:  In multi-server BizTalk environment, BizTalk WCF-Custom (SQL Binding) Receive Locations poll SQL Server more than one times instead of single polling. Normally in multi-server BizTalk environment, we are creating host instances for each host on each BizTalk server. But BizTalk has little limitation for active/active multi-server setup. Below are adapters which only work on … Continue reading WCF-Custom (SQL) Receive Location Configuration with BizTalk in Multi-Server Environment