BizTalk Supporting Tools

There are available several BizTalk supporting tool available which will helpful for developing, Support and performance optimization on BizTalk applications. Below are some important supporting tools and their download locations. 1. BizTalk360 BizTalk360 is a web application that helps BizTalk Server users to administer and monitor their BizTalk environment. Since it has been brought to … Continue reading BizTalk Supporting Tools

Message Box Viewer

BizTalk Message Box Viewer (MBV): BizTalk provides Message Box Viewer (MBV) tool out of box to generate report for BizTalk health and performance monitoring activity. It’s collecting details about BizTalk Server, Configuration, database and performance details. MBV analyze in details of BizTalk MsgBox Db but also other BizTalk Dbs and generates an HTML file containing different REPORTS including a "WARNINGS REPORT" … Continue reading Message Box Viewer