BizTalk Orchestration Shapes

This blog is to describe briefly on various Orchestration shapes. Receive: Receive shape is used to receive the incoming xml message from message box using Inbound logical port. Send: Send shape is used to send the outgoing xml message to message box using Outbound logical port. Transform: Transform shape is used to execute the map … Continue reading BizTalk Orchestration Shapes

Create First BizTalk Orchestration

Requirement: I need to drop a sample Xml message in a folder location. Sample Input Xml message:   <ns0:AppraisalInput xmlns:ns0="http://SampleBTApp.AppraisalInputSchema">   <EmpNo>EmpNo_0</EmpNo>   <EmpName>EmpName_0</EmpName>   <AppraisalScore>4</AppraisalScore> </ns0:AppraisalInput> My BizTalk orchestration should receive the message and do below validations If Appraisal Score = 5, then Assign Grade = ‘A’ If Appraisal Score = 4, then Assign … Continue reading Create First BizTalk Orchestration

BizTalk Orchestration Debugging

We can Debug the BizTalk Orchestrations using Orchestration Debugger or EventLogs. Orchestration Debugger Create BizTalk application using Orchestration, Build and Deploy.Test the BizTalk application using File Drops/ SoapUI/PostManGo to BizTalk Admin console and Click on BizTalk Group then Click on Tracked Service InstancesRight click on Orchestration instance and click on Orchestration Debugger. 5. You can … Continue reading BizTalk Orchestration Debugging