Using Dictionary for BizTalk Instances

Sometimes in BizTalk, we may need to use Dictionary for checking various conditions for multiple messages/Records of the same BizTalk Instance. This can be achieved using Dictionary ThreadStaticAttribute. Requirement: My BizTalk Orchestration accepts envelop message (Multiple records), I need to loop through each record and insert the data in sql table. Here the condition is … Continue reading Using Dictionary for BizTalk Instances


Why BizTalk?

BizTalk is market leading tool in the integration world. As per some survey conducted by ( and ( BizTalk has almost 16% market share in Integration world. It is most from any other integration tools. 2nd leading integration tool is IBM WebSphere. So, if anyone says that BizTalk is dead or no future scope, it’s … Continue reading Why BizTalk?

Multiple data type for BizTalk Schema elements

  Exception: The XML Validator failed to validate. Details: The xsi:type attribute value '' is not valid for the element '', either because it is not a type validly derived from the type in the schema, or because it has xsi:type derivation blocked. Explanation: This issue is occurred when we validate the schema. Main reason … Continue reading Multiple data type for BizTalk Schema elements