Terminating Instances running on Isolated Host

Most of the cases when we are trying to terminate the running or suspended instances from BizTalk admin console, then we directly terminate them from the admin console. If it’s not terminate in first trial then we need to follow the below process:

1st Approach: Re-start Host Instances

Terminate the instance and re-run the Run Query. If it’s not terminated then we can restart the respective host instances and in case of isolated host, restart the IIS, then check. if is again not terminated then we need to go for below approach.

Note: Below approach should not be tried in production server, if it’s require then firstly take the backup of data then proceed further.

2nd Approach: Remove from Database

Database: BizTalkMsgBoxDb

SQL Statement For termination of running or suspended Instance



exec dbo.int_AdminTerminateInstance_<Host Instance Name> @uidInstanceID, @uidServiceID, @out


Here @uidInstanceID = uidInstanceID and @uidServiceID = uidServiceID of Instances Table.

Before executing the termination query, we need to understand following info.

Instances Table: This table has all the running and suspend instance details


Here uidAppOwnerID column name represent the Host Instance GUID. We can get the host instance name in respect to uidAppOwnerID from Applications Table.

Application Table:


So now we know the instance details and Host Instance information.

In BizTalkMsgBoxDb database, for every host instance there is dedicated stored procedure for terminating the instance.


Host InstanceStored Procedure for Termination



So, for termination the instance, we get the Host Instance Name from BizTalk Admin Console. We get the uidAppOwnerID as uidAppID information from Applications table for Host and message info (Instance ID and Service ID) from Instances table.

Now we run the sql statement to terminate the instance. Here we are terminating the instance of BizTalkServerApplication host instance.




exec dbo.int_AdminTerminateInstance_BizTalkServerApplication ‘4844E88F-F3A9-4057-B252-1D09834B02E2’, ‘0C474F97-45FC-49FA-9D86-D3413804D056’, @out


Check the Instance Table that the Instance has deleted or not.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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