BizTalk Custom adapter Issue: Failed to instantiate custom adapter CLSID Assembly file


When we are creating the Custom adapter in BizTalk, it is one of common issue happen while open send port to configure the custom adapter.

Failed to instantiate adapter CLSID:{guid} Assembly file:<assembly file name> Type name: <typename> as below:


When we are creating dll for Receive/Send port configuration – AdapterManagement

We need to follow the below configuration for each file while build the solution:

There are mainly a .cs file e.g AdapterManagement.cs and other are XSD files e.g. Receive Location.xsd, Receive handler.xsd, Transit Location.xsd & Transit Handler.xsd and may be a resource file .resx file.

While Building the solution there should be setup following properties should be setup:

For AdapterManagement.cs class file Build Action should be Compile as below:

And for other files e.g. ReceiveHandler.xsd Build Action should be Embedded Resource as below:

We mostly get this exception while miss-match the Build action for .cs file and other files.

So below is recommention:

For .cs file e.g AdapterManagement.cs Build Action: Compile

And for others:

e.g. ReceiveHandler.xsd – Build Action: Embedded Resource

ReceiveLocation.xsd – Build Action: Embedded Resource

TransmitHandler.xsd – Build Action: Embedded Resource

TransmitLocation.xsd – Build Action: Embedded Resource

ResourceFile.resx – Build Action: Embedded Resource

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