POST method at Receive Port

POST Method does not send data in URL Parameters as GET Method sends. In Post method, Rest Service sends data in Message body. Mostly this is in json format. When BizTalk Receive this file, then through the use of JSON decoder pipeline component, BizTalk convert the json into xml format.

Reference for Pipeline configuration related information.

At BizTalk Receive port we just adding a below details in HTTP Method and URL mapping in Wcf-WebHttp adopter configuration.

<BtsHttpUrlMapping><Operation Name=”<Name>” Method=”POST” Url=’/OperationName/Request’ /></BtsHttpUrlMapping>

Here no need to do anything with Variable mapping. Apply “Content-Type:application/json” to process data as JSON.


Note: For Get Operation we have to keep GET verb in Incoming Message, for Post operations keep blank only.

POST Method at Send Port:

In case of when BizTalk consuming Rest Service through its Send Port with Wcf-WebHttp adopter, then its configuration is same as in Receive Port except one nominal change in below configuration.

<BtsHttpUrlMapping><Operation Name=”” Method=”<REST METHOD>” Url=’/OperationName/Request’ /></BtsHttpUrlMapping>

There is not require to provide Operation name, we can leave it blank as above.