BizTalk with RESTService

Rest Service Consume by BizTalk

We are basically use GET method or POST method of Rest services to consume by BizTalk. There are other verbs also for REST services, but here we are providing only these two verbs details. We can’t add generated items to create schema, orchestration or binding files for REST service just […]

Create Schema from JSON files:

From BizTalk 2013 R2 & upper version, BizTalk also provides in-build REST service capability. Before this, there was required custom coding for Json file and rest services. Now it’s easy to create schema from Json file. Select JSON Schema Wizard, following window will open Select Json file in instance file […]

Add Http Headers For WCF/Rest Services

Requirement: There is a BizTalk service exposed as a Request and Response Rest service. I need to pass message to that Rest service with some http headers. BizTalk service has to receive those headers and pass it to back end service. How to send headers to BizTalk Rest Service From […]

BizTalk Dynamic Send Ports For Rest Services

Dynamic send ports are used to send the BizTalk messages dynamically from orchestration to destination systems based on some conditions. Two Way Dynamic Send Port Two-way dynamic sendports are used for request and response messages. We need to create logical dynamic sendport with port direction as dynamic. We need to […]

POST method at Receive Port

POST Method does not send data in URL Parameters as GET Method sends. In Post method, Rest Service sends data in Message body. Mostly this is in json format. When BizTalk Receive this file, then through the use of JSON decoder pipeline component, BizTalk convert the json into xml format. For Pipeline […]