Add Http Headers For WCF/Rest Services

Requirement: There is a BizTalk service exposed as a Request and Response Rest service. I need to pass message to that Rest service with some http headers. BizTalk service has to receive those headers and pass it to back end service. How to send headers to BizTalk Rest Service From third party tools like Postman. … Continue reading Add Http Headers For WCF/Rest Services

BizTalk Dynamic Send Ports For Rest Services

Dynamic send ports are used to send the BizTalk messages dynamically from orchestration to destination systems based on some conditions. There are two types of dynamic send ports. One-way dynamic Send Port: Using one-way dynamic send port, we just send the messages to destination systems, but don’t expect the response back. We need to create … Continue reading BizTalk Dynamic Send Ports For Rest Services

POST method at Receive Port

POST Method does not send data in URL Parameters as GET Method sends. In Post method, Rest Service sends data in Message body. Mostly this is in json format. When BizTalk Receive this file, then through the use of JSON decoder pipeline component, BizTalk convert the json into xml format. For Pipeline configuration related information, you can … Continue reading POST method at Receive Port

GET method at Receive Port

When we publish BizTalk as REST Service, then it’s not directly linked with Schema or Orchestration like WCF or Web Service does. in my previous blog, I have mentioned how to publish BizTalk as REST Service with help of BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard Tool. Here when we define the action configuration in Receive Location … Continue reading GET method at Receive Port

Publish BizTalk as REST Service

One of the features in BizTalk 2013 R2 is to integrate REST API with other systems/entities. As data process via JSON format we use JSON relevant pipelines to have syntax transformation (JSON to XML and vice versa).  In this article, we will share how to expose REST service in BizTalk and configure it at receive … Continue reading Publish BizTalk as REST Service

Convert svc URL to REST API URL

When we publish BizTalk as REST Service, then it’s generate as below by default. http://localhost/<ApplicationName>/Service1.svc when we apply REST verb with this URL, then it’s become as below for Business User. For GET Method: http://localhost/<ApplicationName>/Service1.svc/Request?Data1={data}&Data2={data} For POST Method: http://localhost/<ApplicationName>/Service1.svc/Request We can change the Service1 name with some other name but can’t change the .svc. So, … Continue reading Convert svc URL to REST API URL

BizTalk with REST Service

Now in BizTalk 2013 R2 release, Microsoft provide the communication with Rest Services through WCF-WebHttp adapter. Here are below things added in BizTalk to consume and publish REST Service through BizTalk. WCF-WebHttp adapter- to communicate with REST Service JSON decoder pipeline component- to convert Json file into xml format in Receive Pipeline. JSON encoder pipeline … Continue reading BizTalk with REST Service