MSDTC issue while configuring BizTalk


The local MS DTC detected that the MS DTC on database has the same unique identity as the local MS DTC. This means that the two MS DTC will not be able to communicate with each other. This problem typically occurs if one of the systems were cloned using unsupported cloning tools. MS DTC requires that the systems be cloned using supported cloning tools such as SYSPREP.


Whenever any BizTalk configuration issue occurs then first we need to check event log. Because in log file we may not get proper reason for failed.

Sometimes after installation of BizTalk, when we are configuring BizTalk in multi-server environment then some issue occurs. Above issue occur when there is used multi-server SQL Server. And create a sql instance for that. When we are creating multi-server SQL Server, then most probably create clone of the Server in this case msdtc may be corrupted.

In above failed scenario we need to uninstall the install msdtc on SQL Server through command prompt.

There is not require any specific folder location. We just need to run command prompt as administration and the type the below code.

command prompt: >msdtc -uninstall

>msdtc -install

If require then restart SQL Server Service from Services.msc

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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