Hybrid Integration and BizTalk

Hybrid cloud integration provides adjustment to ventures, integrating information from on-premise legacy systems with cloud information and guaranteeing that organizations have a full favorable position when driving forward.

hybrid integration enables companies to run their data exchange and technology consumption using a blend of two distinct technology deployments – cloud and on-premise. Organizations using hybrid cloud solutions can unify data across the cloud applications and legacy on-premise solutions, eliminating silos and putting data to work strategically. For extending the on-premise data center into a public or hybrid cloud, both AWS and Azure offer several solutions.

There are three places where organization can setup integration. First is On-Premises, second IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) & third is on cloud server as iPaaS.

BizTalk is the best suit integration for On-Premises integration tool as well as IaaS (Infrastructure as Service). It’s also Integrate cloud Services with built-in adapters for cloud, Logic Apps to On-Premise Gateway, Service Bus, Event Hubs, API Management, O365 Mail, O365 Schedule, O365 Contact, Blob Storage (Dev) API management to all the resources (On-Premise and Cloud)

Microsoft BizTalk Server is a proven integration platform which was used to integrate the disparate on-premises systems and achieve phenomenal results. With the release of BizTalk 2016, Logic App adapter was introduced. This adapter can be used in conjunction with the on-premises data gateway to connect with the Logic Apps hosted in the cloud to achieve hybrid connectivity. With the release of the Feature Pack 2 for the BizTalk 2016 server, a new adapter for connecting the on-premises BizTalk application to the Azure Event Hubs was released thus opening another gateway for setting up the hybrid integration. This adapter has now given the ability to on-premises BizTalk server app to publish events to the Azure Event Hubs or to subscribe to the events published by other apps in the Azure Event Hubs

Microsoft offers the following options to enable hybrid integration:

  • On Premise Data gateway – to access on-premise resources from the cloud (Logic App, Power BI, Microsoft Flow, etc.)
  • BizTalk Connector in Logic Apps- to connect to BizTalk from Logic Apps
  • Logic Apps adapter – to connect to Logic Apps from BizTalk
  • Service Bus Adapter – to connect to Service Bus on Azure from BizTalk

The release of BizTalk Server 2020 is providing adapters to connect with cloud environment easily, as it will help with both their on-premise integrations, as well with their hybrid integrations.

Important feature updates in BizTalk Server 2020 related to hybrid integration are:

  • Integrate cloud Services with built-in adapters for cloud, Logic Apps to On-Premise Gateway, Service Bus, Event Hubs, API Management, O365 Mail, O365 Schedule, O365 Contact, Blob Storage (Dev) API management to all the resources (On-Premise and Cloud)
  • Manage BizTalk Server environments by using the new BizTalk Server REST API’s
  • The Blob Storage adapter is still under development. Using File adapters which are published as a UNC Endpoint is not straight forward, as pluggable. Using Blob storage adapter will be a useful feature that will help administrators to, for example, have the Backup BizTalk Server job write the backups to Azure Blob storage
  • Secure the BizTalk Server Infrastructure settings with Read-only administrator view
  • Deployment with VSTS – Application Life Cycle Management to deploy and update BizTalk Server instances using Visual Studio Team System
  • Transport Layer Security 1.2– Securely deploy BizTalk Server using TLS 1.2 authentication and encryption
  • SQL Server Encrypted Data– Read and write to SQL Server with Always encrypted columns using BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server
  • Advanced Scheduling -Set up recurrence on BizTalk Server receive locations with greater precision using time zones, months, weeks, and days
  • Event Hubs – Send BizTalk Server tracking data to Event Hubs
  • Power BI Integration – Analyze and report BizTalk Server tracking data using Power BI. BizTalk operational data template, for use with Power BI visualizations and dashboards
BizTalk Server Monitoring

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