One way Dynamic send port

Some times in project requirement we need to create dynamic send ports which are used to send the BizTalk messages dynamically from orchestration to destination systems based on some conditions.

Using one-way dynamic send port, we just send the messages to destination systems, but don’t expect the response back. We need to create a logical send port in orchestration with port direction as Dynamic.

When you create/configure the send port then select Port binding as Dynamic as below screen shot.

In the expression shape, we need to specify the destination location and Transport Type properties. in below screenshot we have create two expression shape with Expression_1 & Expression_2 name.

In Expression_1, you need to write below code. Here you can select Transport Type as per requirement . Here just for sample we show as FILE type.



//Port-Dynamic is the Dynamic send port name.

In Expression_2, you need to write below code



Good luck.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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