Tracking Messages in BizTalk

Microsoft BizTalk server provides a great feature of message tracking. We can track each message processed in BizTalk either success or failure. For failure message we always check in suspended instance in BizTalk Admin console group hub. Or provide some exception management e.g. ESB management console to handle fault message and stored the message. For more details about this click here.

Some time we require to track message in success case also for monitoring, analysis or just show to client that message has been processed.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

You can use the BizTalk Server Administration Console to enable message body and message property tracking. There you can also view the tracked message body, including schema information, strong name, and all the promoted properties for the generated message. For more details of Message tracking click here.

Note: Ensure that the SQL Server Agent service is running. And BizTalk enables message tracking on Receive/Send port & Orchestration.

How to apply Message tracking:

Apply Message tracking on Receive port:

Check the checkbox as per below screenshot

Apply Message tracking on Send port:

One way Send Port:

Two way Send Port:

Apply Message tracking in Orchestration:

How to check Message data:

You can track message data from Tracked Service Instances or Tracked Messages Event as per below screenshot:

Right click on event type and select Message details. It will show the processed message.

If any issue or properly not applied tracking, then it will show the following error:

Verify the conditions mentioned in above screenshot. Most of the cases it works after apply condition (1) & (4).

Note: you should not enable message tracking in Production environment until unless there is specific requirement, because it will take heavy database action & load on database

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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