Message Box Viewer

BizTalk Message Box Viewer (MBV):

BizTalk provides Message Box Viewer (MBV) tool out of box to generate report for BizTalk health and performance monitoring activity. It’s collecting details about BizTalk Server, Configuration, database and performance details.

MBV analyze in details of BizTalk MsgBox Db but also other BizTalk Dbs and generates an HTML file containing different REPORTS including a “WARNINGS REPORT” which report in yellow and red some warnings.

This tool comes along with BizTalk. When we installed BizTalk, this will available at below location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013\SDK\Utilities\Support Tools\MsgBoxViewer


Dashboard and Warnings report can now be sent automatically by mail after a collect


Purpose of MBV:

  • Health Check tool to analyze quickly and easily a BizTalk group
  • Generates different sub-reports in HTML and plain text files
  • Targeted users : BizTalk Admins

Why MBV ?

  • Retrieve quickly maximum info from a BizTalk Production System in one click
  • Avoid sending too many queries and their usage to customers!
  • Identify all possible issues which could be critical or need attention
  • Present them in a user friendly Format
  • Emit suggestions via comments and Doc links

Features of MBV:

  • Provided in BizTalk 2013 and each next CU.
  • Support all BizTalk versions since BizTalk 2004
  • Safe to run in Production
  • No setup, just copy and run
  • Frequently used by both customers and MS engineers to check for the good health and integrity of a BizTalk group, and to retrieve a complete topology of the BizTalk Platform
  • Used by BizTalk Users to deliver Health Checks
  • Checks the integrity of BizTalk Databases and propose immediate remediation tasks to famous “Terminator” tool  (
  • Provided as both a GUI and a console application. The console version is used more and more as a custom monitoring tool to be scheduled as a task, generating periodically HTML reports but also sending periodically raised warnings in the App journal, and the warnings and dashboard in emails. It can so complement  ideally System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and the BizTalk Mgmt Pack to provide a complete monitoring of a Production BizTalk platform
  • Query and Topology Reports
  • Support ALL versions of BizTalk including BizTalk 2K4 and 2K9
  • Can run on ANY type of Servers – SQL, XP/Vista client
  • Can analyze ALL BizTalk complex configurations  : Multiple Servers  & Multiple MsgBox databases
  • Easily Extensible (XML, DLL) – MS Internal for the moment

The goal of MBV is to retrieve the maximum amount of information from a BizTalk System in one click in the minimum amount of time, identify all possible issues which could be critical or need attention, and present them in a user friendly format.

Below is screenshot of Summary Report



BizTalk Server Monitoring


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