BizTalk Terminator tool

When we run the Message box viewer or BizTalk health monitoring tool. then we are able to know about Biztalk database health. To clean up from unwanted and unnecessary data of database for better performance and BizTalk health maintenance. Microsoft provides this great tool named BizTalk Terminator tool.

To get more information about MessageBoxViewer click on below link:

The BizTalk Terminator tool allows the you to easily address common BizTalk issues via SQL, WMI, and PowerShell based tasks provided by the BizTalk team. with additional functionality including the ability to suspend, resume, and terminate in bulk by date range as well as make performance tuning changes. Integration with mbvcleanupscripts.xml from the MessageBox Viewer Utility allows Terminator to quickly resolve issues identified by MBV.

you can download this tool from below link:

BizTalk Message Box database can grow significantly by accumulating suspended messages, put in place a monitoring mechanism to identify and resolve suspended messages. When you find a database integrity problem that is causing your databases to grow use the BizTalk Terminator to resolve this.

Maintaining the health of your BizTalk databases is vital for any BizTalk environment, specially when we are talking about the BizTalkMsgBoxDb, there are several reasons for the databases to grow like suspended messages that you should avoid and resolved quickly when they happen. You can also have some integrity problems identified by using the out of the box Monitor Job or by running a tool like the Message Box Viewer, in this case you can run the BizTalk Terminator which is a tool provided by Microsoft to address these issues.

When using the Terminator tool in a Production environment, it is mandatory to stop everything (host instances, sql agent)


We can select the required option for cleanup.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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