BizTalk Development Questions & Answers

Bellow are some questions which are ask in interview related to development activity. If there is requirement for developer.

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How to consume web service (SOAP/Rest) or how to generate schemas for web services?

SOAP Web Service:

  1. For calling any web service using WCF-… protocols, first thing we need to do is to Add Generated Items from Visual Studio Project.  Choose the Consume WCF service and give the wsdl location of our web service. Eg. http:///example.svc?wsdl or http:///example.asmx?wsdl2.
  1. On finishing of the wizard, it will generate an orchestration with the necessary request and response types, schemas for request/response and XML files for creating the binding file send port using WCF-Custom/WCF-BasicHTTP protocols. 

REST Web service: Click here for details

How to publish BizTalk as Rest Service?

Click here for details

How to publish BizTalk as SOAP web service?

There are two approach to publish BizTalk as SOAP web service:

What is difference between publish BizTalk SOAP web service by Schema & published by Orchestration?

Published by SchemaPublished by Orchestration
Whereas publishing schema as a WCF Service achieves loose coupling.Publishing an orchestration as a WCF Service leads to tight coupling.
when a schema is published as a WCF Service, the data (BizTalk message) received via the WCF Service will be published to the BizTalk Server Message Box and hence any number of subscribers can subscribe for the message.When an orchestration is published as a WCF Service, the data (message) received via the WCF Service will be directly bound the Orchestration which is published.  
publishing Schema as service will enable your subscribers get your Data Contracts and they can begin their development. Your subscribers don’t have to wait till you complete your business logic.Publishing an orchestration requires you to get ready with the Orchestration development at first place or let your subscribers wait till you finish your orchestration development
expose a Canonical Schema as a service & develop a map between your Canonical Schema and internal Orchestration Message, any changes required in your incoming message schema will need you to update your Map between the Canonical Schema and the Incoming Message. Your subscribers don’t need to update their service references.orchestrations will be tightly coupled with your clients in case if you publish orchestrations as service. Any changes in your incoming message schema causes your clients to update their service reference.
when we publish schema as a service, we can have more control on the Operation & Service Names generated in the WSDLNot much feasible

How to consume SQL database or how to generate schemas for Database SP/Query/Table?

Right click visual studio project, select Add—, and then Add Generated Items. in the Add Generated Items windows we need to select Consume Adapter Service and click Add.

After connection established, there will be database details available in select content type, you can consume details as per requirement.

How many types of files will generate when consume SQL or soap web service?

  • Schemas
  • orchestration
  • Bindings

Scenario based questions-

how to develop BizTalk application to receive data from database or web service and send to Web service or database. Through this question interviewer can analysis of your development skill that how deep you have knowledge of development activity.

Interviewer will include some more thing to check that how you are approaching while creating solution. E.g. how to handle de-batching, how to filter incoming message. How to send only specific message to send port. Need to orchestration or message routing

How to handle exception in BizTalk application in orchestration and receive/send port?

Questions related to BizTalk design pattern or what are the best practices of BizTalk development?

click here for details

 What will the solution approach you are following while start a project?

When this question ask it means interviewer wants to check your analytical skill is and how you approach to create solution. Or you will be fit for team lead position where you need to design the solution.

First you need to understand BizTalk design pattern. And provide some recent project development activity, which you have developed. And how to create BizTalk solution & naming conventions.

And need to understand the requirement part because this is the crucial part. So below is the main point in requirement gathering to start integration project

  • Schemas details and datatypes
  • Any business logic involves in the transactions
  • How complex is the transformation (Mapping)
  • Frequency of data transaction
  • Volume of data transaction
  • Can solution be achieved with or without orchestration?

Above are the same point we need to consider when plan to start a project. So that there can be validate the load balancing, how many servers will require.

How to analysis and performance optimization of BizTalk orchestration?

Sometimes due to bad coding or proper not use of performance. BizTalk orchestrations runs slow and several times get exception of timeout. So, while developing or analysis and performance optimization of BizTalk solution or orchestration you need to take care of following points.

  • Message size should be maximum 1 MB
  • BizTalk should not be used for heavy data transaction
  • For simple data transaction, there should not be use orchestration
  • Exception handling should be proper defined
  • Do not use unnecessary tracking message on Receive/Send port and in orchestration in BizTalk admin console
  • Avoid ordered delivery
  • Avoid more business complex in orchestration
  • While using external dlls in orchestration- make sure that dll is used for business logic not for connectivity with any other service/database
  • I have seen most of the cases external dlls are not used properly that’s why it makes orchestration process slow.
  • If there is involve heavy business logic, then prefer to use WCF service for business logic and that will be consumed by BizTalk.
  • Also try to avoid consuming external system/database/web service in custom pipeline. This will also make BizTalk process slow
  • Use BizTalk health monitor for tracking BizTalk performance monitor
  • Wisely use of promoted properties & distinguish field. And try to avoid using xquery path. Because it loads full XML file.

How to handle complex business logic in BizTalk solution (custom dll, BRE, web service etc.) and why you follow the activity?

Complex business logic you can handle in BRE (Busness Rule Engine), calling external dll in orchestration or you can write complex logic in WCF service and consumed by BizTalk. These all approach will be decided on the basis of project and complexity and execution. As I have notice that BizTalk orchestration is capable to handle the business logic. And most of the time we need not require supporting Dlls, web services etc. to deal with it.

In which scenario there is require Calling Pipelines from an Orchestration? Or explain about composed message process from BizTalk design pattern

Calling pipeline in orchestration is required when there is requirement of assemble the message before sending to send port. BizTalk doesn’t provide the message assemble by default. best example you can studly composed message process from BizTalk design pattern.

In this design pattern we receive file in bach or multiple file at a time then debatch this file into multiple files and also before sending to send port its assemble all files into single file.

If you have already installed BizTalk on your server then you will get sample code at below location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016\SDK\Samples\Pipelines\ComposedMessageProcessor

Composed Message Processor is the pattern of processing individual items from an aggregated or batched interchange message. For an example of this pattern, see CMP.odx in Composed Message Processor (BizTalk Server Sample).

How to apply get method while publish BizTalk as rest service?

Get method doesn’t contain the message body. so when we published BizTalk as REST service with get method then there is require to create message context properties for REST service URL’s parameters to receive data. for more details click here.

Now a day’s interviewers are asking more questions related to rest services and how to use this in BizTalk.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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